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Researching options for your upcoming clinical rotation?

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Kindred Hospital Albuquerque

Kindred Hospital Albuquerque is a 61-bed Joint Commission-accredited long-term acute care hospital, including six intensive care unit beds and two medical/surgical units.

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Category: TherapyLunch & Learn | University of South Alabama | Mobile, Alabama

Lunch & Learn | University of South Alabama | Mobile, Alabama
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Category: TherapyPT Career Fair | Augusta University | Augusta, Georgia

PT Career Fair | Augusta University | Augusta, Georgia
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On the Student Spotlight this week: Roman Carothers! Roman has such a great story. He worked as a PTA for 6 years, graduating from Oklahoma City Community College. He then decided to go to PT school. He will be graduating from Baylor University in December. After graduating, Roman has plans to apply for and complete a sports residency and practice in a clinical setting with athletes. #TheFutureLooksBright

Pictured 1: Roman Carothers, PT student
Pictured 2: Roman Carothers, PT student and Megan Smith, Clinical Instructor

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To end National Nurses Week, check out the recent Kindred Healthcare Nursing Student Program, Nursing Forum: Mindful Series.


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Today's featured post is a testimonial shared by Kimberly LPN/LVN, a student completing a clinical rotation at KH - Louisville. Happy National Nurses Week Kimberly, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

"I have enjoyed learning all that I can while at this clinical. It is by far one of my favorites. I have learned how to care for patients that are on vents and have some deep wounds, which are very new to me. I now know how to care for these type of patients thanks to this clinical. I think the whole team is great. They show a lot of love and compassion for their jobs. They know exactly what they are doing and are helpful at all times. I would be interested in working for Kindred inside of Jewish, Louisville Kentucky. This has been a great opportunity and I’m excited to learn more."


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To celebrate #NationalNursesWeek, Jeff RN, a student completing a clinical rotation at KH – Central Tampa, shared his clinical experience with us. We greatly enjoy hearing about the awesome student experiences and sharing their stories, Thank YOU, Jeff and Happy National Nurses Week.

"I have most enjoyed working with the staff at Kindred, they have been very helpful, especially the PCT named "Bravo". I have learned the most from the wound care team. "Z" was most informative and very helpful. One way I witnessed someone making a difference was the code team on the 3rd floor. Everyone was calm, efficient, effective and patient care was the center of their attention."


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To continue celebrating #NationalNurses Week, check out what Cindy LPN/LVN, a student completing a clinical rotation at KH – Rancho, had to say about her nursing rotation with Kindred RehabCare:

“What I have enjoyed most while on rotation at the Kindred hospitals is being able to experience the different departments of the hospital: Wound Care, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nursing Care, etc.

What I have learned most is to always speak to your patient, even if they cannot respond back to you. And to manage my time wisely. All patients need our quality care.

I have seen many of the staff make a difference. I mostly work with the nursing staff and from what I have seen, they all know their patients and call them by name respectfully. Even if they do not respond back, they always let them know what they are doing and try their best to communicate with the patient.”

Keep up the great work, Cindy! #TheFutureLooksBright

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Meet Your Mentor

Kindred Healthcare recognizes the importance of mentorship. In that spirit we have created AIM to Advise, Inspire and Mentor recent graduates in their journey from student to practicing therapist. The AIM project pairs new graduates with Kindred Healthcare’s experienced to help guide the transition, learn about the profession the work environment and the culture of Kindred Healthcare.

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